Blues Talk TV – Episode 265   3 comments

This week, in the final Blues Talk episode for the season, we take a look back at Leinster’s disappointing semi-final loss at home to The Scarlets and preview the Guinness Pro12 final.   We’re taking a break for the summer, but we will be blogging over the break on the Irish and Lions tours and anything else that gets our goat!


3 responses to “Blues Talk TV – Episode 265

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  1. I see the rumours are that the league will change from 12 teams to two groups of 7 teams with the inclusion of the SA teams.

    With the current structure, the season ticket entitles us to entry to all home games + the 3 home group stages of the European Cup, so a total of 14 games. With the new structure, we will have 6 home games in the league though possibly we’ll have cross-over games with the other league (assume half of them at home and half away), so 9 games + the European games. This totals, best case to 12 games or a 14% reduction in the number of games we have access to.

    Do you know if the branch will provide a commensurate reduction in the season ticket price and provide a refund of the difference?

    It seems fair as, if this change comes through, the basis on which the season tickets were sold was incorrect.

    I look forward to your reply


    • p.s. sorry for the delay in replying!

    • Hi John
      Thanks for getting it touch with us. The rumours are flying alright, but even if we do end up with a two conference Pro14, I don’t think it will be too problematical. As I understand it, Leinster, for example, will play all the teams in its own conference home and away, the two other Irish teams in the other conference home and away and the remaining 5 teams home OR away on alternate years – this will mean that every second year there will be one less home game which wouldn’t appear to be a huge issue? – Dave

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