Blues Talk TV – Episode 183   2 comments

This week on Blues Talk TV we review Leinster’s disappointing loss in extra-time in the European Champions Cup semi-final. We discuss the incidents in that game before previewing the inter-provincial clash between Leinster and Ulster in the Kingspan Stadium, Ravenhill.


2 responses to “Blues Talk TV – Episode 183

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  1. Great TV lads… Watch most episodes
    Leinster support for a gud while, back till we were playing our matchs in donnybrook.
    But I have to comment , Leinster playing shit, and it’s time to stop the rot.. Matt has to go, gopberth is thank god why he ever came no1 choice is no.10 I just don’t know why?? Mads Irish born and was flying when he took over top score in pro 12 I tnk that season.. He’s ruined him…. Shud be Leinster no 1. 10… I am sick of excuses by players and staff after every match on TV.. But the buck stops with Matt… And we have gone backwards. It’s time again for Mick Dawson to stand up and be counted.. And get a new coach…. My choice biring back Jono Gibbs as main coach.. Keep Leo Cullen and move girvan Dempsey up to backs coach he has worked wonders with young talent coming threw…. Last thing is you in blues talk TV shud have a special guest on every so often, former players or a supporter. But keep up the gud work great to stuff and come on Leinster next seasons.
    Michael Kehoe

  2. Thanks Michael.
    Just seeing this now. I don’t think anyone would object to Matt going. As long as we have a decent replacement. None of us really know who is available that would be better right now. Bad time to be looking. Anyone decent would have their post WC options sorted by now.

    We also don’t know whether Leinster have been looking. Perhaps they have? Perhaps they found someone who will be announced in due course. But perhaps they have found no one and will stick with Matt.

    Not sure about him “ruining” Mads though. I would have liked to see Mads backed more than he was last season for sure. But he was not “crying out” to be selected. And you can be sure Leinster Rugby were on Matt’s back to win games at all costs. (which he did……. Last season) He saw Jimmy as the better option. Rightly or, in many peoples opinion, wrongly.

    As Irish Rugby fans and people interested in the future of both Leinster and Ireland most of us would want Mads backed like Paddy Jackson up north (who is 2 years younger)

    However many of the same people who hold that opinion also want Leinster to win at all costs. Something has to give.

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